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Principal's Corner Invitation

As principal of Shades Mountain Elementary, I welcome you!  I have over 35 years invested in service to young children.  My time with Hoover City Schools began in 1988, when our district first came into existence.  It continues to be my joy and pleasure to serve the Shades Mountain community as principal.  My background includes work within exceptional education and assessment arenas.  It also gives me great pride to share that I’m a parent of a Hoover City Schools graduate.

My priorities begin with what I wanted for my child.  First and foremost, my pledge is to provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment for each child entrusted to me.  My colleagues and I seek to provide and encourage excellence.  We will treat your child as an individual - celebrating unique talents, assessing individual needs and developing a program that moves each one forward.   We offer an invitation to learn.  A supportive parent and community base helps assure our success!

We're glad that you've chosen to be with us.  It's going to be an awesome year on The Mountain!