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SMES Teacher Earns NatGeo Certification
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Thursday, October 12, 2017
Mrs. Nancy McGowan
Mrs. Nancy McGowan

10-12-2017 (SMES) - 

Hoover City Schools educator Mrs. Nancy McGowan has been named a National Geographic Certified Educator, one of only seven in Alabama.

McGowan earned this certification in late summer 2017 after completing a three-part process which included a workshop rooted in National Geographic’s Learning Framework; the designing of two classroom activities that draw upon a teacher’s knowledge of the Learning Framework; and finally, a capstone project incorporating video that showcases student learning.

“The certification is simply a by-product of what has already been achieved...opening doors and creating learning opportunities for my students,” McGowan said.  “My students and I have been heavily involved in projects related to National Geographic for more than ten years.  The certification was a logical next step.”

McGowan, who previously taught enrichment at Bluff Park Elementary School and now serves as a math coach at Shades Mountain Elementary School, emphasizes that National Geographic Certification proves much more than knowledge of world geography.

“[Certification] is just one more validation of what educators do on a daily basis. Students learn best when we help them make connections among all subject areas (geography, math, science, technology, written and verbal communication, etc).  Ultimately, I want my students to stay curious and see each day as an opportunity to learn something new.”

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